What Should Be Done To Winterize?

1. Flush Cooling System and replace the coolant. This is an INTEGRAL Maintenance move that saves HUGE on future costly repairs...should be done every 2 years. (More Detail on Flush listed below)

2. Replace the Windshield Wiper Blades. Have Windshield Washer ANTI-FREEZE replace your summer fluid to avoid frozen resevior bottle and lines.

3. Have the Battery Serviced (clean the battery terminals properly, and add water) and Load Tested to check it's ability to hold a charge. If your battery is more than 4 1/2 years old, replace it.

4. Tire pressure will be checked and you should have a tire gauge so you may check your tires throughout the winter. Air contracts with cold, and the tires may become low as the temp. drops. We will provide instruction to those unfamiliar with the use of tire gauges and also a free Tire Gauge!  Rotate your tires if this has not been done recently as well.

5. Make sure there is air in the SPARE tire and all proper tire-changing equiptment is in the trunk.

6.MAKE SURE the tires are in good condition.  If you are not sure what this means, ask a mechanic  for an opinion.

7. Have Lights, Heator and Defroster checked. Brake Lights, Head Lights, turn signals and on some vehicles, clearance lights to ensure Bulbs and fuses are good.

8. Get a Brake check done if you havent in last 6 months

9. ALL FLUIDS CHECKED AND TOPPED: Brake fluid, Anti Freeze, Oil, Winter Washer Fluid, Power Steering Fluid Etc.

10.  Oil change and filters replaced including oil filter, fuel filter and inspect air filter.

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Coolant DOESN'T last forever!! Every 2 years your coolant becomes acidic which causes  Radiator Failure, Thermostat Failure, Water Pump Failure, Head Gasket Leaks and Intake Manifold Leaks which can result in thou$and$ of REPAIR dollars. So, At the start of summer/Winter if you don't want your car to end up with ANY of these issues you MUST get a RADIATOR FLUSH (every 2 years)!! Process is usually a couple of hours, we do a REVERSE FLUSH which is much different than most shops who are just exchanging fluids and NOT solving any problems.


URGENT! The Dirty Details

Only Maintenance work preventing overheating caused by frequent stops, traffic jams, and weight hauling, including a good lubrication of the engine, will ensure a summer free of bad and costly surprises. Nothing lasts forever, especially hoses, whose rubber is challenged by extreme temperature variations and the coolant's corrosive action. At the least sign of cracking or blistering, you must replace them all.


If so, you should have a EXTERNAL TRANSMISSION COOLER Installed, this will eliminate you burning your transmission out, which again is costly, especially if you are stuck on a highway in an out of town location with Kids and a not so happy wife!

Air Con Not working? Likely you just need a recharge...takes 45 minutes and you can wait while it's being done!

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